Monthly Redux - February

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Dunbar's Number

A little reminder that while we’re connected in more ways now than we have ever been, our number of meaningful connections doesn’t change at all.

The lesson to learn from Dunbar might be this: our pursuit of building ever-expanding and “influential” networks might be a fundamentally vain pursuit. Rarely, perhaps never, do our lives comprise of more than about 150 meaningful relationships. Although a digitally connective world might suggest that the size of our network is representative of our ‘value’ or ‘potential’ to have an influence on others, our human network capacity probably has not really changed at all.

I'm Busy

In case you didn’t notice, it’s been real busy here at Lang HQ. Client work, side project work and volunteer work have been the focus of the week as well as one important family commitment this week. I’m hoping next week isn’t as busy.

Fixie Friday - Colnago Master

An Italian delight.

Photograph of Colnago bike

via FGGT

Small Tasks

The trick, of course, is to choose the small tasks which Vilfredo Pareto - he of the 80/20 Rule - would designate as among the vital few; i.e. the ones which will produce the greatest beneficial results. If you don’t set such priorities, then your time may be squandered by the successful completion of work which produces relatively little progress or which merely restores the status-quo.

That one is going in my DailyMuse collection.

Self-Destruct Tweets

A very interesting idea.

Lazin-Ryder is one of a number of Twitter users who are using homegrown methods to make their tweets self-destruct. He says that having his tweets disappear automatically makes Twitter feel more conversational and casual, and less like a professional pressure-cooker.

Cold in Ohio

I love Ohio but it is cold. It is Ivan-Denisovich cold. It’s Jack-Nicholson-at-the-end-of-The-Shining cold; indoor-cat-who-became-outdoor-cat-glaring-at-me-from-his-blanket-in-the-garage cold. Never-warm cold. Feet-cold cold. Permanently-hunched-sholders cold. Kurt-Russell-in-The-Thing cold. It is colder than Robert Frost stopping by the woods on a snowy evening - he would not have stopped in this cold.

Thankfully Paisley in Scotland doesn’t even come close to being this cold. I don’t envy my fellow North American bloggers in times like this. The cold weather can get very wearing.

Are Trolls Attracted To Videos?

No spot comes close to YouTube when it comes to the number of dumb and vicious remarks in its comments section. Even bland videos, ones without an ounce of controversy, are ripped.

I’m just wondering if video is easier to consume than actually spending the time to read something and let it sink in. I suspect many of the comments on YouTube are simple knee-jerk reactions to each video.

Saddleback Leather iPad Sleve

These iPad sleeves make me want to buy an iPad, just to warrant the purchase of the sleeve. Ridiculous idea but these are great looking sleeves.

Photographs of two sleeves

via Tools & Toys