No Excuse

There’s no excuse for the lack of blog posts around here recently. I’ve tried to kickstart my daily posts a number of times in the last couple of months but each time ends up in failure.

At first I had problem with ideas for writing. My ideas list had run dry and I struggled to fill it again.

Then when I had an idea for a post, I would quickly dismiss it on the grounds that it isn’t worth publishing. I didn’t have confidence in the idea to write about it to begin with, let alone actually get to the step of deciding whether it is publishable or not.

Now I’m so focused on other work that I am struggling to fit writing back into my schedule. I’m stretching myself in too many different directions.

None of these are valid reasons for not writing. They’re excuses. I aim to do better in the future with regards to my writing.

Lots of People ...

… are willing to pay for your product or service. You’d be surprised just how many.

I Should Be Blogging

I really should. My problem at the moment is that I have too many things on the go at once. Something will need to give.

If you’re struggling to blog, read this post by Curtis McHale. It will be a reality check for some. A reality check that is needed.

I know I needed it.

Fixie Friday - 2010 Nagasawa Nakano Red Rainbow Flake

"2010 Nagasaw a Nakano"

via FGGT

The Writing Workflow of Curtis McHale

We need more posts like this. Good to see that Markdown is favoured by Curtis.

The Moleskine Tool Belt

A clever idea for any notebook, but I have to say I do prefer my Nock Hightower.

The Humble Pocket

The Art of Manliness uncovers everything about the humble pocket.

This is because the original pockets weren’t like the sewn-in pockets we know today, but rather separate bags detached from clothing. From the 15th until the mid-16th century, men and women carried essential items and currency in a pouch that was typically tied around the waist or hung from a belt. As thieves and “cutpurses” became more of a problem in the 17th century, people began to cut slits in their shirts, skirts, and pants, and tuck their pouches inside their clothing for safekeeping. This practice necessitated making the bags flatter and easier to reach into, so they would be more accessible and not create a significant bulge.

The Next Level of Blogging

Curtis McHale talks about taking your blogging to the next level and hiring an editor.

Working with Diane I get something more though — I get someone to tell me when a post is just plain bad, and if it is, we take it back and re-write or scrap it altogether. She helps clarify my message so I’m communicating with my readers in the way I intend.

The Emojic 8 Ball

XKCD delivers again with the Emojic 8 Ball.

Fixie Friday - Don Walker Cycles

A little fast one today.

title "Photograph of Don Walker bike