The B-52, Still Flying

This planning deficit is nothing unusual. It would be a tribute to Boeing engineers’ advance planning that the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat, er, Fella) is due to keep flying until at least 2040, when the airplanes will be octogenarians…except that the longevity has been achieved despite the best that military planners could do.


DailyMuse: The Today View

Email is great. It’s a reliable form of content delivery that can reach a multitude of devices and it’s platform independent. Who cares if it’s Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS or Android you’re running? Email is the cornerstone of any platform, which is why it’s the preferred delivery method for DailyMuse.

As great as email is though, I also like having alternatives to email, something as flexible as email but also accessible. I would open my DailyMuse email a couple of times a day, but quickly it became lost amongst other emails. I needed a way of seeing my DailyMuse message for the day without opening my email.

For a few weeks now there’s been a Today view in the DailyMuse application. If logged in and you visited it you would see the last snippet that DailyMuse sent you. Fine and good, but it was rendered within the context of the application and I quickly realised that it became lost amongst the rest of the elements of the application. I needed a view of my snippet that was free of the context of the rest of the application.

This morning I added a link in the DailyMuse sidebar that will address this issue. At the top of the sidebar is a Today link that will render a colourful view of your snippet for the day that is free from the rest of the application so that you can have your snippet front and center on your web browser.

Here’s my snippet for today:

A screenshot of the today view from DailyMuse

Rather than sticking with default font sizes for all snippets, I’ve also tweaked the font size for snippets that vary in length. If your snippet is small in length the font size for it will increase so that it becomes easier to read.

This has been a planned feature for a while, but viewing the snippet within DailyMuse has never felt right. With this in place now, I’m happy with being able to view my snippet for the day in both email and in my browser.

Interesting in using DailyMuse? It’s free for 30 days after which it becomes a budget friendly $2 per month to use.

Uses for DailyMuse

Great to see DailyMuse making a positive change.

Those are the two things I’m using it for so far but I can think of many others — daily exercise ideas, healthy snacks and recipes, writing prompts, study of scripture or philosophy, etc. Basically, anything that would be good to have a daily reminder for would be a good fit for this.

Interested in trying it out?

Fresh Ideas ...

… are everywhere. You just have to look.

Fixie Friday - 1995 Cannondale Track

Picture of a 1995 Cannondale Track bike

via FGGT

Diary or Journal?

Who cares. Just capture.

The Great Unfollow

A reminder that Twitter is the ultimate destructive distraction. Since returning, I’ve definitely not been as active as I was in the past and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

For me, from here on in, moderation is key. I’ve been calmer, happier, more present, and less anxious for the past few months. If I missed something on Twitter, it bubbled up to me in other channels. I’m going to remember that as I re-enter the network: no obligations, no robotics. This stuff is supposed to make my life better.

Medium Adds Custom Domains

Medium’s recent announcement that they will start allowing people to use their own domain names for their Medium blogs will be welcome to many, but is it enough to make me switch to using Medium for my blog?

Medium has attracted it’s fair share of critics over the last couple of years including myself. A blogging platform where all the content is listed under the one domain. A constraint maybe, but this might be overlooked by the fact that the actual content of the posts on Medium can stand up on their own when the quality of writing resonates with a particular audience.

Despite my gripes with Medium as a blogging platform, I have read and bookmarked a number of well written posts on Medium. I’ve no problem with the content that people produce, it’s more Medium’s one size fits all approach to listing all posts under one domain and wrapped in one look.

I have owned my own domain name for almost ten years now. Along with a design, while not exclusively unique to my blog but definitely more unique than Medium’s design, I can’t see how I could switch to using to Medium as a replacement for my blog. Being able to switch to your own domain is great, but that alone isn’t enough for me. Personalising your blog with a look that sets it apart from others is why I continue to enjoy using Octopress. I’m free to adapt and change my blog to whatever I see fit.

At the end of the day I can’t say that Medium is a bad choice of publishing platform. It’s not my idea of a good publishing platform but my needs and requirements are different from others. It is a good sign though that Medium is moving ahead with plans to allow users to host content on their own domains.

Essential Zones

with Nicholas Bate.

XKCD and Pratchett

I spent my teens and many years after reading through the Discworld books and now I’m passing them onto my oldest to read. It was too soon for such a remarkable author.

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