Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

At last!

Looks like JJ kept the lens flare to a minimum.

Some Paths Are Rough

And that’s not a bad thing in Michael Wade’s eyes.

Let Kids Fail

Finally. A parent with the sense to not hold their children’s hand in everything they do. If the kid forgets their homework, tough. They’ll learn soon enough.

Letting your kids fail is real parenting.

GTD in 15 minutes

I read David Allen’s GTD book a few years ago. It seemed a lot to take in and while I did try it, it just didn’t stick for me. Fast forward to today and I’ve read Erlend Hamberg’s pragmatic take on GTD. Everything you need in one single post. Tempted to implement this in Todoist.

Fixie Friday - Dolan DF 3 Track

via FGGT

Jurassic World Trailer

I’ll save the criticism for when I’ve seen the movie, but I suspect that I will love this movie. No More

I’m stepping away from It was a hard decision but I think I made the right move.

When I first read about I was already in the Twitter doldrums. I was annoyed with the lack of post length, the lack of a business model and the growing number of spam accounts that automatically followed you. I was disliking Twitter more and more by the day.

The 22nd of August 2012. That was the day I signed up for It was heralded as the social network for those that want more control over their data, a service that isn’t afraid to charge it’s customers for the privilage of using their service. At first it was seen as a great move. A sustainable social network. It sounded so great. I promptly signed up.

It started out so promising. There was already a micro-blogging client, an API and the promise of more to come. More did come. With a better API, developers shipped clients for all the major mobile platforms. There was a number of nice services that were born off the back of the API. After the initial launch hype, subscriptions tailed off and the community carried on. For the first year things looked so great. It was all going so well.

Over the course of the second year there were a number of new features including a notifications system for everyone as well as a crowdfunding platform for people to validate their product ideas. In the community there was a lot of discussion about the future of So many people were interested and cared for the future of it.

Ever since the State of the Union post from the blog though, the future of the social network has looked uncertain. Prominent subscribers to have stopped posting or in some cases just completely deleted their accounts. For the last few months my timeline has appeared to be less and less active. While most days you might get a conversation on a particular topic, some days it feels like you’re just talking to yourself. The buzz around has died and what’s been left behind is the remnants of a what could have been a great service.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been weighing up whether I should continue to dedicate my time to using “You get what you put in” is a popular opinion of why you should continue to use any social network and it does hold true, but sometimes you just have to quit regardless of how much you want to participate. For me it was just a lack of interaction that made me decide to leave. People did participate in conversations but it just wasn’t as frequent as it previously had been on

Over the last two years, has been home from home. A stream of people I’ve connected with on a daily basis. Posts, links, images, polls and stories all shared in a little corner of the Internet. I don’t regret the time that I have spent there. It’s been a great experience and I’ve connected with some great people but it’s time to move on.

More Jagged Thoughts

from Nicholas Bate.

The digital interrupt is relentless, often trivial, sometimes insufferable, cunningly finding new channels, often repetitive, poorly constructed and lacks sufficient courtesy to recognise that you are busy.

This will be my first week without any social network interaction. It will be interesting to see what the lack of digital interruptions will do for me.

Packed Lunch

Glad to see I’m not the only one who packs a mean lunch for their kids.

The researchers have clearly not experienced the spread I provide my kids. Only the highest quality peanut butters. Exotic jellies. The finest meats and cheeses in all the land. A surprise ingredient in every submarine sandwich. Figs, dates, grapes, cornichons, chips of potatoes, cakes made by none other than Little Debbie.

Best Catch Ever

Odell Beckham Jr shows the world how it’s done.

And in case you think there’s a stroke of luck here, you’re wrong.