ADN doesn’t have enough people. Twitter is too short. Facebook is too big. I don’t have a Google account. So why am I not posting shorter posts here for your perusal?

I’m going with Jason Rehmus and I’m going to start posting smaller posts here. Read them or ignore them. It’s up to you.

Is Microblogging Back?

Returning to Twitter hasn’t cracked up to what I thought it would be like. Good to see instead that people are entertaining the idea of microblogging from their own sites. I recently started following Jason Rehmus and I’m on the look out for more people who are returning to microblogging. I might even try it myself.

What's in Patrick's Pockets?

What's in Jason's Backpack

Everything he needs.

Also great to see Jason’s blog featuring a variety of posts. Long live blogging and RSS!

On the Mend

I had big plans for this week, but it was effectively written off as our youngest son was ill all week.

The great thing about my work being flexible is that I can schedule work around times like this. Yes, this week was a bust, but there’s always next week or the week after.

Some people might view it as a week lost, but I see it as something that needed to be done.

Our youngest is finally on the mend and laughing and smiling. Seeing that happen is definitely more important than any work I could have been doing.

Moleskine Timepage

Just added Moleskine’s new calendar app, Timepage, to my iPhone. I’ll be road testing this for a couple of months as a replacement for Fantastical 2.

Fixie Friday - Jacobs Track Bike

The McDonalds Burger Bike Tote

A nice idea, but I would rather go for a proper bike ride up the hills and make my own burgers when I get home. Healthier and better tasting.

The Inside-Out Seven

Another classic NB list for on the wall above your desk.

1. The brand evolved organically from outstanding customer responsiveness rather than stilted by-lines and 're-fresh' logos.

Read on for the full list.