War on the roads

A slightly biased article towards cyclists that points the finger at the motor industry to blame for what they call crazy helmet laws. I disagree.

I wear a helmet not because I’m afraid a car hits me. If I fall off my bike at speed due to a car, pedestrian or even a pothole, then I stand a better chance of walking away from the fall.

Put it this way, would you take a chance with your kids not wearing a helmet when they’re cycling?

Fixie Friday - Festka One LT Dazzle

Photograph of Festka One LT Dazzle

via FGGT

Exercise Often

The message is clear. Exercise often. It’s just one aspect of clean living.

Something Special

“We’ve always spoken about the principle of association since he was young and playing in bigger stage events,” McCormick said. This means paying attention to the good shots of others to increase the likelihood you’ll hit a good shot. “We’ve also worked on building an ‘imagery reel’ of his past successes to draw back on to amplify his confidence.” Again, the idea is the act of remembering a good shot can actually trigger your motor skills to fire the same way.

Digital Hygiene

Seth lays out five steps to digital hygiene.

Make an Index for a Notebook

A must step for anyone serious about embracing pen and paper.

Growing the Game

After a rocky start to the year, it seems that Ethan is finding his form again. It was a big ask for Ethan to beat James in this match but despite losing, his scorecard was made up of fives, sixes and sevens. Well done kid!

Elderslie Golf Club continues to be a great place for Ethan and the rest of the juniors to develop their game. Hat tip to Scott and Craig and everybody else involved in helping develop the junior team there.

Go Slow

Michael Wade, our resident pathfinder, knows the way forward.

Take your time and as you move down the path, be open to new thoughts. They frequently visit when we’re otherwise engaged.

Back to Basics

More basics with NB.

You no longer need seek the perfect productivity app. You just need to decide and commit to your priorities.

The Rosko 650B

This was too good not to post.

Photograph of Rosko MTB

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